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Technical Design & Drafting founder Evan Wagner began his Cable TV career on Oct. 5, 1979 at the age of 19 years. After 6 months as a Installer he was promoted to Service Technician, a company record at the time. He then spent the next 17+ years as some form of a Cable TV Technician. For the past 17 years Evan has specialized in the Engineering (design & drafting) side of the Cable TV industry which lead him into Project Management & Consulting of Engineering Software Development, which included the development of the @MApp application.


Professional Profile:

1) Installer - 6 Months.

2) Technician - 17 Years:


6 1/2 Years as a Sweep Technician.


2 1/2 Years as a Head-End Technician.


10 Years as the local System In-House Designer for Plant Extensions and Re-Designs.

3) Outside Plant Design - 30+ Years.

4) Outside Plant Drafting as a Independent Contractor - 20+ Years.


Complete Walked Out, Map, & Design of the communities of Susanville & Burney, CA for Century Communications.

5) Telecommunications-CATV Consultant: CAD-GIS, Engineering, System Admin/Config, Software Development, Standards, Asset Management, & Project Manager - 20+ Years.


Evan's current resume can be viewed here. (.pdf format)


Personal Profile:

Evan and his wife Rebecca have 3 children,

Cheree, Stitch Fix consultant, Former Bank Led Teller.

Sean, Trades Recruitment Consultant with Aerotek. Honorable Discharge from the U.S. Coast Guard: May 2008 (E5, Electrician's Mate 2nd Class), Communications graduate (2017) from St. Mary's College under the G.I. Bill.

Candace, Stitch Fix manager, former Esthetician & Model.



Evan currently plays softball 2-3 nights a week (middle infielder/3rd baseman) and has his California Lifetime Fishing License trying to spend many a Summer week-end in Lassen or Plumas National Forest on a stream trout fishing.


Contact Information:

Evan's contact vCard can be downloaded by clicking here.


LinkedIn Profile:


Lastly, Evan's current and past business cards can be viewed here.

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