A Time Line of the

@MApp Drafting Application

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1. Summer 1999 - TCI begins developing a "Rules Based" drafting application. During the process TCI is purchased by AT&T Broadband.


2. August 2000  - ATT_MApp v3.1 is released by AT&T Broadband.

During the Release Week training sessions this image was used to convey why ATT_MApp was created.


3. October 2001 - Under AT&T Broadband ATT_MAppDR v3.5 is released. "DR" is added to the name.


4. April 2003 - Comcast releases @MAppDR v3.6. Another name change to remove the AT&T Broadband branding.


5. April 2004 - @MAppFM is released.


6. September 2005 - The last @MAppRF v3.65 Beta release is issued.


7. July 2007 - @MAppDR v3.6.2 Patch Update is released to accommodate Fiber Deep network architecture.


8. May 2009 - @MAppDR v3.6.3 Patch Update is released to accommodate All-Digital and Fiber-Cellular Back Haul network architecture.


9. December 2015 - With Comcast fully migrated into SpatialNET the @MApp platform was discontinued with all support ending.

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